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What we Differently?
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Seminar, Symposium, Group Discussions
MIT organizes Orientation lectures, Seminars etc presented by faculty and experts from Industries or other Educational Institutions for the benefit of its students.

Students Empowerment Programme
MIT aims at full fledged and all round personality development of students. It focuses on developing not just well qualified technocrats, but individuals with social commitment and inspiration to lead the nation to glorious heights.

A Student Empowerment Program has been designed for developing extra-curricular skills, envisaging a holistic approach for student development through physical training, communication skill development and counseling sessions, as part of the daily curriculum.

Scholarships, Stipends, Medals & Prizes
MIT provides finance assistance to a few students on merit-cum-means basis. Medals and prizes will be awarded to best performing students of all branches of study.

Guest Lectures
Our curriculum consistently evolves along with the needs of the industry and society. To help students get a grasp of the latest advancements and progress in the industry, guest lectures are organized by every department. Eminent industrialists, academicians and technocrats address the students bringing them closer to the current situation and the need of the hour, in their respective fields. Students also get opportunities to interact with professionals and achievers in the industrial world, thus gaining valuable knowledge and sound exposure to face the competitive trends ahead.

Industrial visits
Industrial Visits are organized in a way to provide hands on experience. Our college already enjoys a close nexus with the major industries of the region. Regular and Periodic industrial visits are organized each semester. Our students are also encouraged to attend the on-site training provided by these industries from time to time. This ensures that our students not only gain the theoretical knowledge required but also the practical skill necessary for implementing what they have learnt.

Students Council
The Students Council is constituted through election of office bearers from among the students. Its main objective is to train students in the duties and rights of citizenship. It also promotes opportunities for the development of their character, leadership abilities, camaraderie and spirit of service through various educational and cultural activities. The Student Council comprises the Dean, Administration, Chairperson, Vice- Chairperson, General Secretary, University Union Councillors (2), Magazine Editor, Arts Club Secretary, Sports Secretary, Lady Representatives (3), Year -wise class representatives (3) and Staff Advisor to the Students Council, forming a total of 16 members.

Parent - Teacher Association
The PTA has been very active in the College since its inception. Its aims at the promotion of the all-round development of students. To ensure better interaction between parents and teachers, branch wise and class wise PTA meetings are conducted every semester, usually soon after the series tests. Progress reports are given to the parents during the meeting. Parents can also meet the teachers and counsellors on appointment and get details about the performance of their wards.

Entrepreneurship Development
We firmly believe that our nation needs the drive and innovation of young entrepreneurs. The Cell therefore aims at manifesting the underlying Entrepreneurial spirit of the students. The Cell not only motivates the students to start-up their own enterprise, but also makes efforts to provide them with the necessary resources to do so. The cell allows new and future entrepreneurs, students and faculty to create, grow and sustain the entrepreneurial spirit within the institute. The cell serves as a hub for people from various spheres to connect with each other and exchange ideas and information.

Unique Programs
With the purpose of generating new ideas and challenging old ones, MIT offers opportunities for hands-on research, experimentation, application and invention at the undergraduate level.

Engineers are problem-solvers at heart. As students belonging to the Engineering community, you gain invaluable research experience through the various programs at MIT that allow you to harness your skills and stay prepared for a tech-driven future.

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Mohammadiya Institute of Technology (MIT) combines fun and intellectual awareness through various unique activities. Student Advisors and Coordinators lead students and guide them in their initiatives. Regular activities are scheduled within the curriculum to allow students to explore their strengths and creatively pursue their interests, even as they try and excel in academics. Several events and practical application projects are organized every year to encourage students to participate and display their forte.

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